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No gente, este no es un post a lo ‘Sex and the City’ como un amigo me sugirió (claro que como van las cosas mi vida más se parece a un ‘Church and the City’!).

Como ya lo comente anteriormente, en Australia, sociedad multicultural por excelencia, uno se encuentra con personas de todas las nacionalidades, y eso es lo que hace más interesante vivir en este país continente. Al subirte al bus o pasear por los centros comerciales uno escucha más de una decena de diferentes idiomas interactuando al mismo tiempo como si cada uno de ellos fuese el idioma oficial.

A pesar de compartir el español me sigo sorprendiendo hasta el día de hoy con la variopinta terminología y jerga que utiliza la comunidad venezolana. Por más maravillosos que sean, lo sabroso de su acento y lo alegre de su personalidad, estoy convencida que los venezolanos se podrían meter en grandes problemas si visitan Perú... si no me creen abajo encontraran un diccionario venezolano - inglés que me mando una amiga venezolana para que los comprendiera mejor:

Diccionario Venezolano - Ingles:

Some examples of native Venezuelanisms (slang)

  • Achanta'o/Achantá = A person of slow thought or slow reasoning. Someone passive, or lacking seduction skills.
  • Amapuche = A passionate demonstration of affection. A warm hug.
  • Agarrado(a) = See pichirre. Selfish.
  • Alborotado = To be excited or revolted.
  • Arrapado = Excited (profane).
  • Arrecharse = To get angry. Usually profane amongst Venezuelans.
  • Arrecho = Superlative to indicate that an object or situation is considered to be very good (profane); very angry
  • Arrecochinar = To gather people disorderly in a small space.
  • Arrocear = To turn up at a party without being invited. Arrocero: Party Crasher.
  • Bachaco = Leafcutter ant. (Alt.) A mulatto with red hair.
  • Bajarse de la mula = To pay for something. To be demanded for money. To be robbed (Lit.: "to step down of the mule").
  • Bala fría = Junk food. A quick snack (Lit.: "cold bullet").
  • Balurdo = An awkward or ridiculous person. A low-class person or behavior. See also Chimbo
  • Bochinche = A gathering or noisy reunion.
  • Bolo(s) = A single unit of Venezuelan currency, a Venezuelan bolívar, before the redenomination in 2008. As single units are no longer in circulation, this term is mostly used in the plural.
  • Bucear = To skin dive. (Alt.) To ogle discreetly.
  • Bululú = A fuss. See bochinche
  • Burda = Superlative. Very much.
  • Cambur = Banana. (Alt. A well remunerated public position).
  • Cachapa = A sweet corn pancake.
  • Cachapera = A lesbian (pejorative).
  • Cacharro = Old, worn out vehicle. A piece of junk.
  • Caerse a palos = To engage in heavy drinking. To get drunk (Lit.: "to fall with sticks")
  • Calarse = To stand something bad.
  • Carajo(a) = A spit. A dude (profane).
  • Carajazo = See coñazo (profane).
  • Caraotas = Black beans.
  • Catire(a) = Blond. (Alt. A beer). Nickname for the sun.
  • Chamo(a) = Boy/girl. With suffix -ito : a kid; also means son or daughter. Venezuelans are well known among Spanish speakers for their love and constant use of this word, which is used repeatedly in the same fashion as the American slang dude.
  • Chévere = Fine, cool.
  • Chimbo(a) = Of low quality. Ill made. Uncool.
  • Chivo = Literally Goat. (Alt. Someone at a high position in an organization).
    Choro = Thief (pejorative).
  • Coñazo = To violently hit or strike (profane).
  • Compinche = Partner, friend.
  • Corotos/Macundales = Stuff, belongings. Trash.
  • Criollo = Local, native of Venezuela.
  • Epa/Épale = "Hi" or Hello (informal greeting; "What's up").
  • Filo = (Lit. Edge) Hunger.
  • Franela = T-shirt.
  • Gafo = Dumb or stupid, comes for the Italian word "cafone" or "gavone" which means dumb peasant.
  • Gringo = American. (Also Estadounidense)
  • Guáramo = Iron will. Courage.
  • Guasa = To make fun of something or someone.
  • Guayabo = To be romantically disillusioned. To have the Blues. Tree of the 'guayaba' fruit.
  • Guayoyo = Black coffee prepared in such fashion that is not very strong. It is commonly served after meals.
  • Halar Bola = (verb) To abuse flattering. Sweet talking, intended to get benefit from someone with selfish purposes.
  • Huevón = Asshole, stupid. (profane) (also used to say someone that someone has large testicles)
  • Hablame el mío/Hablame la mía = Talk to me dude/Talk to me girl. Similar to "What's up?" or "What's going on?"
  • Jamón = (Lit. Ham) A nice girl. A French kiss.
  • Macundales = See Corotos.
  • Malandro = Thief, burglar, robber.
  • Mamar = (lit. To Suck) to get as much benefit of a persons skills or knowledge in a context. Estar Mamando: to be pennyless or very tired.
  • Mamahuevo = A person who sucks penis. A person who behaves bad to others.
  • Marico = A homosexual man (profane). Also used by young people as a pronoun Example: hola marico! (Lit.: Hello Dude!)
  • Matar un tigre = To moonlight. (Lit.: "to kill a tiger").
  • Musiú = A foreigner. A white native from a non-Hispanic country (it's believed to come from a bastardization of the French word Monsieur).
  • Negrear = to treat someone badly, as in allusion to when black people where victims of racism. "Me negrearon" = they treated me badly.
  • Nota = (Lit. Note) Something nice, pleasant. A drug trip, to be "high". Verbal form: ennotar(se)
  • Osea = (Lit. It's Like.) A form to say whatever. ¿Osea como lo hicíste!? (Like, how you'd do it!?)
  • Pajúo = See Pendejo (pejorative) or also someone who masturbates a lot (comes from the word paja "jack off".
  • Paisano = from the Italian "paesano", meaning an Venezuelan or Italian (or southern European). Abbreviated as Paisa usually refers to a native of Colombia.
  • Palo = (Lit. Stick) Alcoholic beverage. Example: "¡Tómate un palito, pues!" ( "have a little drink (then)!" ).
  • Palo de agua = (Lit. Stick of water) Torrential rain.
  • Rumba de Palos = To be beaten up. In a sports context, whenever a team wins over another with a large score.
  • Pantallero: to show off, to slavishly flash oneself or anything of value
  • Papear = To eat.
  • Parcha/Parchita= (Lit. passion fruit) a homosexual man.
  • Pargo= Kind of sea fish (Red Snapper). A homosexual man.
  • Pasapalos = Snacks. Hors d'oeuvres.
  • Peaje = Toll. See bajarse de la mula.
  • Perico = Parakeet. Venezuelan-style scrambled eggs. Cocaine.
  • Peroles = See corotos.
  • Pendejo = See güevón.
  • Pichirre = Tightfisted, stingy, miser.
  • Pipi Frío = (Lit. "Cold Penis") Someone that has been single for a long time. Someone lacking social skills or uninteresting.
  • Pollo/Polla = Chicken (Alt.) A childish, naive or immature person.
  • Queso = Cheese (Alt.) Sexual drive, Lust. Mostly applied to men.
  • Quesúo = To be horny, lustful.
  • Rata = An evil or mean person. A rat
  • Ratón = Mouse. Hung over Tengo ratón.: "I'm hung over"
  • Rico(a) = Rich. An attractive person ( See bueno(a) ). Delicious, pleasurable.
  • Rumba = A party.
  • Santamaría = Rollup metal fence that covers the front part of a store when closed.
    Sifrino = (Noun) Yuppie. A wealthy uppish person. (Adjective) Posh, applied to people and things, such as an accent or clothes.
  • Tequeño = A deep-fried flour roll filled with cheese. Very popular hors d'oeuvres. A native from Los Teques
  • Tigre = second job or night job. See matar tigre
  • Verga = Male sexual organ. An exclamation to convey a feeling shock, disgust or alert. In the Western part of the country, especially in Zulia State, it is a nonsensic filler as an alternative to vaina.
  • Yesquero = A lighter.
  • Zanahoria = Carrot (Alt.) Someone who zealously takes care of his/her own health. A vegetarian. A person that behaves well.
  • Zancudo = Mosquito. Lit.: "The one that walks on stilts" as a metaphor for the insect's long legs.
  • Zumba'o = Forward, crazy, nutty, careless person.

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Diana dijo...

Hola claudia!

Soy venezolana, con mi esposo estamos tramitando una visa SIR para Adelaide. Me reí bastante con tu post, realmente somos un caso en cuanto a nuestra manera de expresarnos :D.

Me estoy enterando hoy de tu blog, siempre leo a dos familias colombianas que viven en Adelaide pero no tenía referencia de más nadie...Ahora seré asidua seguidora de tu blog jeje.

Muchísima suerte ;)

Claudia dijo...

Epale Diana, que bueno que te haya gustado la entrada... la verdad es que cada pais tiene su forma peculiar de expresarse... ni te cuento como son los peruanismos. En este blog trato de evitarlos ;D

Lo que pasa es que para nosotros por ejemplo "marica" significa homosexual y "arrechera" significa, de una manera vulgar, cuando alguien esta "hot" o exitado jejeje.

Mantenme informada de tus avances para conocernos cuando vengas. Por siaca hay un grupo online de venezolanos que se llama venezolanosenadelaide@googlegroups.com. Alli te puedes contactar con ellos y encontrar bastante informacion. La encargada de la pag se llama Lorena Pineda.

Suerte mi pana que te vaya todo fino!


Anónimo dijo...

Hola Claudia, soy peruana y acabo de mudarme a Whyalla, estuve leyendo tu blog y me causó mucha gracia :) espero poder conocer gente peruana/latina pronto, aún vives en Adelaida? saludos!

email: cordovap27@yahoo.com